Frank Lowney

Dr. Frank Lowney is currently Senior Director for External Projects in Web Enabled Resources, a component of the Library Instructional Technology Center, as well as Professor of Educational Foundations in the School of Education at Georgia College & State University. Frank is also associated with the Georgia Digital Innovation Group, a collaborative initiative of The University System of Georgia's Advanced Technologies Unit and Georgia College & State University. He resides in Gray, Georgia where he and his wife Olga pursue a variety of interests including antiques, gardening, computer graphics and multimedia.

Frank began the GC EduNET Project, an online K-12 outreach project, in 1988 and has been active in exploring how Internet protocols might be used to pursue educational objectives ever since. In his current position, Frank works with faculty, staff and students as well as external agencies to develop, maintain and find ever more innovative uses for computers, software and networks dedicated to the production and deployment of both standard and experimental educational applications.

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