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Keith Politte

Keith Politte is the manager of the Reynolds Journalism Institute’s Technology Testing Center, located at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. There he works to build interdisciplinary industry collaborations that advance journalism and the advertising that supports it. Focusing on the technology sector, Keith works to leverage emerging products and trends towards curriculum innovation as well as initiating projects designed to engage students as well as the public at large.

Currently Keith is working on several projects, including collaborations with Apple and Adobe, as well as advancing coordinated economic development efforts between the university, the state and the private sector. Keith facilitated the integration of a private startup, “” into the educational choices offered students of the J-School.

Keith earned his BA in from Boston University and his JD from Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco. He also has extensive course work in internet design and development from San Francisco State University’s Multimedia Studies Program. His career spans a wide range of experiences in law, politics, and strategic communications.