Bill Rankin

Dr. William J. Rankin is an associate professor of English at Abilene Christian University. His education includes BAs in English and French from Harding University, an MA in English literature from the University of California, Riverside and a PhD in medieval literature from the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) with an emphasis on medieval pedagogies and educational practice. In the spring of 2007, Rankin and a team of academics began work on the initiative that became "ACU Connected," ACU's ground-breaking iPhone and iPod touch-based mobile-learning initiative. Working closely with students, faculty, and technologists, the team attained broad university buy-in for the program using a "day-in-the-life" video vision statement, "Connected," and he continues to work on projects designed to help people envision and implement new learning technologies. 

With more than 20 years’ experience working in higher education, Dr. Rankin has presented broadly on educational technology at domestic and international conferences, has consulted with universities and educational developers in the US and Europe, has designed and constructed multiple computer-based learning facilities, and has written several million dollars worth of educational technology grants. Along with the other members of the ACU Connected team, he was named an "Innovator of the Year" for 2008 in the mobile learning category by Campus Technology magazine, and ACU's initiative continues to garner awards, most recently from ACUTA and Alcatel-Lucent. In 2009, Rankin was named ACU's first Director of Educational Innovation, an academic technology imagineering position designed to explore and develop new educational technologies and pedagogies. In 2009, he was also recognized by Apple Inc. as an Apple Distinguished Educator.